Sibelia Chaiyahat, PsyD, LCSW

  Sibelia has over 20 years experience as a mental health therapist, helping people heal, live happier lives, and reach their goals. Whether you suffer from depression, PTSD, or are in the midst of a life transition, you will have ongoing support and encouragement from a dedicated professional. She also has a background as a teacher, mindfulness practitioner, parent, advocate, caregiver, and business owner. She has three sons and a pug named Sekhmet, who also works at LES as a therapy dog.

  Sibelia uses cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, EMDR (trauma processing), animal assisted therapy, internal family systems, dream work, codependency work, gestalt, and mindfulness practice, tailoring treatment for her client's individual needs. Sibelia uses techniques and practices from the recovery movement (client centered care), trauma informed care (care based on brain research), and integrated health care (integration of mind and body / health and mental health). Consultation is also available to professionals and organizations. Please contact Sibelia regarding your specific request. Sibelia has a Masters in Social Work and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in CA and Oregon.

Jerleen Sinkes, MA, AFMT

 Jerleen earned her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant International University in San Diego, CA. Her passion for psychology developed from her own personal work of understanding her emotions and relationships over the past 8 years. She's experienced different stages of personal development and growth. She continues to strive towards a deeper understanding of herself and others. Clinically, her philosophy is based on Jungian and Humanist psychotherapy. She has worked extensively with all ages and specifically with teens and adults. Her experience as an associate marriage and family therapist has provided her with skills to help individuals, parents, and couples with a wide range of emotional dysregulation, behavioral issues, trauma, and toxic abusive relationships. Her overall goal is creating an anchor for those who are willing to explore and cultivate themselves by creating a safe and non-judgmental space.

Rashida N. Black, MSW, ASW

  Rashida is an Associate Clinical Social Worker #72623 in the State of California. Her education and professional background encompasses a holistic approach to counseling and working to provide clients with individualized treatment plans that can be integrated into their daily lives. She has a master’s level education in clinical social work and ethnomusicology. Prior to becoming a clinician, she was a professional concert harpist, music instructor, and music researcher for over a decade. She graduated from New England Conservatory and The University of Chicago. Outside of private practice, she works as a child and family therapist in a residential rehabilitation facility and as a rehabilitation specialist in a crisis center. She has experience treating children, adolescents, and adults with diverse backgrounds and ranges of concerns and is trained in play therapy, mindfulness, integrative, and cognitive-behavioral therapies. She is a trauma-informed, person-centered therapist, and professional member of the National Association of Social Workers. 

Sekhmet Chaiyahat, Canine Therapist

  Sekhmet is an 8 year old fawn pug who provides canine therapy to clients and staff at LES. She is a cuddle-muffin and sheds white hairs so be careful what you wear to the office! She also enjoys falling asleep and snoring while getting a massage.

Did you know that dogs:

• decrease a person's blood pressure

• reduce stress and anxiety

• increase chemicals in the brain that reduce pain and depression and enhance happiness

• help people feel safer and more trusting

• Sigmund Freud used his dog in psychotherapy to reduce his own anxiety and help his patients relax.

• Mayo Clinic founder Dr Charles Mayo used a dog to help his patients heal faster.

• Dogs don't care what you look like, how you feel, who you hang out with, or what you do for a living.

They just like being with you.