Mental Health Counseling

it's ok not to be ok

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We believe mental health care is vital. Whether you are looking to lift your depression, resolve your anxiety, or find out why you are making decisions that seem to making your life worse, it can be helpful to talk to a professional who has been trained to help you see other perspectives, evaluate your symptoms, and help you start down the path to a better life.

If you are sick do you go to the doctor? If you are having strange pain in your body would you get checked out? If you have thoughts of suicide do you find a therapist? If you are anxious speaking and it is effecting your job do you seek help? If you are having nightmares about a difficult memory do you talk to someone? If you are grieving a loss do you feel better with time?

Cost for Mental Health Counseling Cash Prices

Counseling Session 45- 55 min $50-150

Initial Counseling Visit or Mental Health Assessment $100-175

Care Management $50-150 per hour

Insurance accepted: MediCare, TriWest (VA), TriCare, Cigna, Blue Shield, MHS

Some other insurance accepted. Please inquire for details.