Sibelia is my life saver and she is an angel. I went to 5 prior counselors for help dealing with severe PTSD. The other 5 didn’t really help at all. From my first session with Sibelia, I felt quite a lot of relief. As our sessions progressed, her advice and wise counsel was invaluable in helping me deal of what PTSD was causing me to suffer thru. She came up with strategies for me that I never knew anything about, and it helped me immensely in dealing with my illness. Her manner is always professional, but in an informal personal way. She really cares about her patients and likes to develop a personal relationship so that you want to open up to her, which I have done. My entire life I have been quiet and watchful, but never with Sibelia. - CM

Life Enrichment Services are beyond excellent. Sibelia is my PTSD therapist and she has gotten me through Sudden Severe Onset of PTSD since August 2016. I highly recommend Life Enrichment Services. Sibelia shows so much compassion, understanding, kindness, allowing me to cope and improve the symptoms of PTSD. I love her therapy dog, Sekhmet so much. What a character and so loving. She has been with Sibelia several times, and each time, she makes me laugh and melts my heart and I forget that I have PTSD for at least the hour of therapy and often longer. Just seeing her photo touches me deeply. I have taken many photos of her and you would fall in love with Sekhmet as well. - UJ